Chicken Farm

Fresh chicken represents the first step in creating any amazing recipe.

Chicken Farm

Fresh chicken represents the first step in creating any amazing recipe.

About the brand

Chicken Farm is a brand of chicken produced without the addition of antibiotics or growth hormones at the Adept Group’s poultry processing facilities. The demand for new Chicken Farm products increases by approx. 20 % each month.

Chicken is a product that is frequently cooked at home. Each culture boasts its own traditions and secrets when it comes to cooking. The key to creating a culinary masterpiece is high-quality raw materials.

Chicken Farm is a range of high-quality products designed to satisfy even the most discerning gourmet: tender broiler chickens, a wide selection of highly processed cuts, chicken by-products in sauce and an extensive range of ready-made food products.


The Adept Group’s poultry processing facility is a poultry plant based in the Novgorod region.

Maintaining a parent stock of highly-productive crosses secures our hatcheries with breeding animals and guarantees a high-quality hatching egg population.

The areas where the parent and broiler chickens are housed are maintained at uniform floor conditions and are equipped with the latest ventilation and microclimate control systems.

The floor housing technology in place means that the birds are accommodated in conditions that most reflect their natural environment, creating calm conditions for the birds and thereby ensuring the highest quality chicken product for the consumer.


The production processes at our facilities are structured to meet the requirements of the company’s intragroup quality system. Quality and safety management systems comply with the international FSSC 22000 certification system, SGS certificate (Switzerland). The international standard ISO 22000 certificate Food Safety Management Systems. The requirements for all organizations in the food production and consumption chain. The ISO/TS 22002-1 Technical Specification Prerequisite Programmes on Food Safety. Part 1. Production of food products. FSB license to conduct work using state secret information.