The structure of the company’s production facility can be listed as follows:

a livestock primary processing facility, with an annual production capacity of 210,000 pigs, 18 million head of poultry, 20,000 head of cattle, 15,000 tonnes of chilled meat and 1,500 tonnes of meat and bone meal;

the semi-finished products production facility maintains an annual production capacity of 8,000 tonnes, representing an extensive product range of large and small-sized semi-finished products, offal and half-carcass meat, 8,000 tonnes of ready-made deep-frozen meat blocks, as well as 36,000 tonnes of broiler chicken product, including chicken cuts;

a sausage facility that produces approx. 10,000 tonnes of sausage products a year; an extensive range of cooked, semi and raw-smoked sausages, meat specialty products, chippolata and saveloy sausages (over 180 varieties in total), available in different types of packaging;

the canning plant has a production capacity of 80,000,000 cans of tinned food a year; the range features over 100 different meat and meat-based tinned products (classic canned food, meat pates, ham, minced meat, cereals with meat and vegetable lunch dishes) as well as pet food.

Crop production. Crop production and production of compound animal feed

Crop production

Novgorod Bacon Ltd is one of the leaders in agricultural production in the Novgorod region. The company is a major regional owner of farmland, with over 26,000 hectares of arable land being both owned and leased by the company.

In terms of grain output, high wheat yield figures were recorded, namely 5 quintals/hectare. High-quality grain is used in the production of the company’s own combined animal feed, thereby ensuring that the company provides balanced feed and nutrition for its livestock (pigs, poultry and cattle).

The grain-drying facility is capable of managing 200 tonnes of grain an hour. The grain storage facility is designed to handle 25,000 tonnes a year.

Combined animal feed production generates 120,000 tonnes of animal feed for livestock (pigs and poultry).

Pig farming.


Pig farming development is the main business activity of Novgorod Bacon Ltd; this is secured by several aspects of pig farming:

  • a pig breeding facility (Yorkshire sows);
  • a 5,000 capacity sow farm;
  • a 160,000 capacity pig-breeding facility in the village of Volot (annual fattening).

The pig-farming facility is operated in line with state-of-the-art German and Danish technological processes and is fully equipped with the latest technology.

Cattle farming

Крупный рогаты скот

Novgorod Bacon Ltd is developing beef production, with 2,000 heads of cattle, including the Limousin breed, and a breeding and dairy herd of more than 6,000 heads of Friesian cows.

Poultry farming


The Adept Group’s poultry processing facility is a poultry plant based in the Novgorod region.

The areas where the parent and broiler chickens are housed are maintained at uniform floor conditions and are equipped with the latest ventilation and microclimate control systems.

The floor housing technology in place means that the birds are accommodated in conditions that most reflect their natural environment, creating calm conditions for the birds and thereby ensuring the highest quality chicken product for the consumer.

Broiler chicken production currently stands at 36,000 tonnes a year.

Q4 2020 saw the commissioning of a manure processing and organic and mineral fertilizer production facility, with an annual capacity of 33,000 tonnes.